Welcome to the Adventurers Guild

Welcome to the Adventurers Guild!

The First, Foremost, and ONLY Role-Playing Club at Montgomery College, Rockville Campus, Maryland.

In the seventeen years that the Montgomery College Adventurers Guild has been in existence, we’ve managed to get quite a reputation. And if they don’t stop spreading those horrible lies about us,we’re going to sue for libel.

The truth is, we’ve successfully dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of playing piles o’ role-playing games: creating, playing, immortalizing, and/or killing (usually in inventive or messy ways) literally hundreds of characters; keeping the rigors of sanity staunchly at bay; having oodles of fun; and, in whatever spare time we can muster, actually being a productive part of the Montgomery College community. So there.

Over sixty Montgomery College students have been members of the Guild over the years, not to mention the numerous players from outside school (or who’ve graduated but been suckered into coming back to the club) who’ve joined or contributed to our activities as well.

Many officers, players, GMs, and other friends have come and gone over the course of our existence. Some of them are immortalized here. Others you’ll just have to wait to learn about until they’re declassified by the CIA . . . or just stop by for a meeting and ask us about them (we’re real subversive that way), and stay to try out a game or two (or three). After all, some stories you and your characters may show up here someday. God help you if that happens.

On this page, you'll find directions on how to get here, important email addresses and phone numbers, and the current schedule of games.

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How to Get Here

Don't know where Montgomery College is? Don't worry, because the information is all right here.

Our address is:
Montgomery College
Rockville Campus
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850

You can go here for a map of the area. If you still have trouble getting to the campus, go to Mapquest and punch in your starting address and the address of the college listed above. You can also call the office of Student Life at (301) 279-5092 for directions.

Once you get here:
We have meetings three days a week on campus. On Fridays, we meet in room HU 104 (we also have two other rooms in Humanities which can be filled with other games). Meetings start at 3:00 and continue on to 10:00. On Wednesdays we meet in in CC 011 at 3:00 and move into CC 02 starting at 2:00. On Thursdays we meet in CC 02.

Due to school bureaucracy, our room numbers may change without notice. If you need help, use the following map to find us:

Map of the Montgomery College, Rockville Campus

You can also get a purely black-and-white, much more suitable for printing .jpeg right here.


Contact Us

You can email the Guild at the_a_guild@hotmail.com.

You can email the President, Amir Fatemi, at omnysvrie@hotmail.com.

You can email the Vice President and webmistress, Jessica Wolfman, at loupgarou2@hotmail.com.

You can call Montgomery College, the office of Student Life, to leave a message for us, at (301) 279-5092. Be sure to say that you are interested in the Guild, and leave some way for us to get back in touch with you.

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On Fridays, we have two different Star Wars games, a d6 and a d20, and a high fantasy game using the Exalted system. In addition, we have several other games in the works.

On Wednesdays, we have a BESM high fantasy game and, soon to be out of hiatus, a Vampire game.

Currently Thursday is open; we have no games running at the moment, although that can change soon.

In addition, we are running an off-campus game Everyway game on Sundays, although we are attempting to get that held on campus. Email us for more information.

Games are, of course, subject to delays or cancellation; such are the whims of the GM (or, more often, the GM's employers).

We are always interested in running new games here at the Guild. If you have a game you want to run, just let us know. Providing that enough people are interested in becoming players, we'll be glad to host it!


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