The Compendium -- a list of works created by various Guild members

Welcome to the Compendium! This page will contain the stuff we do, and a few things we take from other people. There’s not much now, but we have a lot of stuff in the works. Hope you enjoy.

Disguised as a Mild-Mannered Reporter... New!
Here we have a handy conversion guide for the Mayfair's DC Heroes, 3rd edition, to West End's DC Universe. Guide by Jesse Wiley.

GURPS Stuff New!
Just a few things we created for GURPS -- some new Advantages, a new Disadvantage, and a new Skill. By a bunch of us.

D&D3e Converted Monsters Updated
The following is a small collection of mosters that have been converted from 2nd -edition Dungeons & Dragons to 3rd edition. This list will be updated (hopefully) frequently. Conversion by Jessica Wolfman

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Updated
Although technically not gaming-related, three of the Guild members have taken the DC comic book, "Deathstroke, the Terminator, Annual #3", and given it the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment. You can find other MiSTings -- ones that we haven't done -- at
Web Site #9. If you don't know what MST3k is, go here (I just fixed the link). You can also read a text version of our MiSTing, if your prefer, here.

Star Wars Jedi Powers List
Yes, more stuff for the Star Wars (West End) game. Here is a complete list of the Jedi Powers.

The Guild's Star Wars House Rules
The house rules from Ryan’s long-running Star Wars campaign. He’s been running this game for three or four years now. Created by just about every member of the Guild.

Star Wars Skill List Updated
All the West End SW skills we could find, and then some. Compiled by Ryan Oliver. And, a nice reader of our page just sent in two skills, which I've added to the list (sorry it took so long, Jamie!).

Rats In Black
Here come the Rats in Black! Protecting the earth from cheese, the RiB are the newest PC undercover agents for West End's Men In Black role-playing game. If you’ve ever wanted to play a six-inch long sexless rodent with Ray-bans on, this is the page for you. Adapted by Tony Rancont.

The Wanderlust
The good ship Wanderlust is at your service. This is a heavily modified YT-1300 transport for the Star Wars RPG, with the design based around a vaguely familiar but totally non-Star Warsian emblem. Designed by Lawrence Lee.

Star Wars Calendar
Here for your gaming needs is a one-year calendar for the Star Wars universe, when you really need to know when you are.

"You Know You're in Trouble When..."
For when your GM lets you know, in that oh-so-subtle way of his, that you're doomed... Collected from Usenet.

Death of Gaming Predicted. Film at 11.
Reprinted with permission from Inquest Magazine.


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