Links. That's what you're going to find here: lots and lots of links. You can start at the top and journey on to the Company Pages, or you can travel to the bottom of the page and go to the other links, the home-brewed and non-company professional (or semi-professional) gaming pages. It's your choice.

Company Links

Where would we be without the RPG companies to create and publish these games? To start, we'd have a lot more free time, and we'd probably be much more well-adjusted human beings overall. But I digress. Here's a sampling of some of the companies that produce our favorite role-playing games. All links verified, and updated if necessary, as of June 11th.

Arcane Games
Although I haven't yet played the game that this company produces, it looks to be very interesting. Tower Seige seems to be somewhat of a combination of a wargame and an RPG, and the reviews seem to be very favorable.

Basement Games
This company recently produced Forge: Out of Chaos, a new FRPG. This company is new to us, as is the game.

Cheapass Games
Just like the name says: inexpensive games that are a lot of fun. Visit their secret web page.

Dream Pod 9
The makers of the giant robot war drama Heavy Gear, now a video game from Activision.

Dungeons & Dragons
This is it, the granddaddy of 'em all. We may have our favorite games, but we all eventually come back to D&D.

These are the folks who make the popular elves-with-guns cyber-fantasy game Shadowrun, the high fantasy epic Earthdawn, and the giant robot space opera that is Battletech. On a side note, the Battletech universe is also the setting of the popular Mechwarrior video games by Activision. Go here while the page is still up!

Galileo Games
These people have made the Legend of Yore RPG, a fantasy game set in a unique setting -- a hollow world where most everyone can fly. Check 'em out.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group
This is the official Deadlands homepage. For those who want to explore the Weird Wild West (or who just get a kick out of reading some hilarious rules while speaking in a bad Western accent, like I do), this is the place to go.

Steve Jackson Games
SJG is probably best known for the versatile Generic Universal Role-Playing System, GURPS. However, they also produce In Nomine, the role-playing game of the first and most important war, and the ever-wacky Toon.

West End Games
Although West End no longer produces Star Wars, they are producing several other games, most notably the DC Superheroes game.

White Wolf Game Studio
This is the homepage of the cheerful folks who brought us Vampire: the Masquerade, Mage: the Ascension, Wraith: the Oblivion, and a couple of other games.

Wizards of the Coast
Click above to go to the Microsoft of gaming. These are the guys who created the ultra-huge collectible card game era - Magic: The Gathering. They also own D&D and the Star Wars RPG. And White Wolf, apparently.


Miscellaneous Links

The rest of our links are right here. This page has other non-company gaming links, as well as a few links to pages we find interesting. All the links have been verified, and updated if necessary, as of June 11th.

AtFantasy New!
AtFantasy is "a community for authors, artists, publishers, gaming companies, and sci-fi / fantasy enthusiasts." This site contains a fiction section, fantasy RPG accessories (mostly for D&D), chat rooms, message boards, and a whole lot more.

Conventions New!
Like many gamers, we enjoy a good convention now and again, and fortunately, there are several local cons that we like.
FanTek is "an organization made up of fans and friends of science fiction, fantasy literature, technology (high-n-low), gaming, costuming, music, dance, art forms of all kinds." They hold two conventions: CastleCon, held this year July 6th-8th, and EveCon, on December 28-30. KatsuCon is an Anime con featuring guests, contests, lots of programming, films and videos, Cosplay (a costume/talent type show), vendors, an incredible art show, and lots of oportunities for volunteering. The next one is being held February 15th-17th, 2002. Otakon, held this year August 6th-8th, "is the East Coast's largest Japanese Animation and East Asian Cultural convention, with seven theatres for Anime and Asian Live Action film!" They have guests, workshops, a LARP, a masquerade, and more. Also, although not truly gaming related, the Small Press Expo, to be held Septermber 14th-16th, is a must for all comic fans, even those who don't necessarily like small press comics.

Dice Tales
We've all done and said silly things while gaming. Sometimes it's just the way we role-play our character. Othertimes it's momentary (or long-term) stupidity. This site is a collection of real tales taken from the tables. Plus, a few top-10 lists. Highly amusing.

Dream Wizards
The Shop Of The Fantastic! The oldest, and perhaps the best-stocked gaming and general fantasy store in the Washington DC area, these are the folks who supplied us with the vast majority of our role-playing games. But don't blame them for that; they're good folks. Family people. The owner's got two kids. Shut up at the back, you. They've recently moved -- not URLs, but store locations.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Although not a “real” gaming resource, the Encyclopedia Mythica is a comprehensive listing mythologies, folklore, and legends from many cultures around the world. For those looking to use a real-world religion in his or her game, or looking for some inspiration, come here!

The Escapist - The Gaming Advocacy Web Page
Gaming very often has a bad rep. Sometimes we're just weirdoes, geeks, or no-life losers. Too many times, though, people have bought into the various urban legends about us, and believe gaming (and gamers) to be evil. The Escapist is designed both improve role-playing and strategy games and to educate the public and media about them.

Fantastic Gateway
The vault of the Ancient One includes an original FRPG, a couple of rather unusual -- but interesting -- game starter ideas, and an oddly-named “choose your own adventure” game.

Gamer's Attic New!
An online store, the Gamer's Attic sells RPG, wargaming, and TCG supplies and accessories.

Gaming Outpost
This online gaming magazine lot of gaming news, reviews, fiction, message boards, and more. They dedicate themselves to providing support for the publishers and manufacturers of gaming products as well as the gaming community at large.

GNBA Archive
What happens when AD&Ders have too much time on their hands and then make a web page? Well, you get something like this. The GNBA Archive has a huge (and I do mean huge)selection of netbooks, including a couple of megabytes worth of priest and wizard spells. Lots of fun.

GURPS Character Assistant Home Page
This is a useful shareware program we found that helps in the creation of GURPS characters. Very useful if you need to make a lot of characters in a hurry.

GURPS Stuff by Scott Maykrantz New!
Written by a person who actually has written for SJ, this page has tons of useful information, advantages, disadvantages, and a whole lot more.

Grinning Goblin Adventurers New!
If you need d20 system adventures, you may want to go here. It's not for free, but the prices for subscriptions are very low, and you can get a free sample of their work.

Hero Machine New!
For all those people who can't draw, this page may be just what you're looking for. It does have some limitations -- it's slow (for my ISP, at least), and requires Flash, and the choices are currently limited, but if you want to have an image of your character, you may very well want to go here.

ILF Sites Updated
Interactive Fantasy. Live Action Role-Playing Games. Weirdoes who dress up, pretend that they're medieval heroes in the bodies of '90s couch potatoes and bop each other with plastic swords. You know what we're talking about: LARPS. Head on over to the Interactive Literature Foundation, the Virginia Interactive Arts page, the Live Action Roleplayers Association (LARPA), Wild Gazebo Productions, or Barking Mad Productions to get your live-action fill.

Irony Games
Irony Games is a great collection of online gaming tools. From an by-email dice roller (when you really don't want to be accused of fudging -- or faking -- an important roll) to thousands of ready-made tavern, countryside, dungeon, city, planet, and star-system maps, this page has it all.

Legolas' Asylum
This page has a ton of links, both to gaming companies and to people's gaming pages. Far too many pages for any one human to handle.

Lothayn's WoD Page
Lothayn has a great deal of useful information on Mage, Vampire, and other White Wolf World of Darkness games. While a lot of it is stuff listed in the books, it's all neatly combined here. It hasn't been updated in quite some time, but it's still useful.

National Gamers Guild
If you're looking to buy or sell games, want to hear the latest industry news, or want to read some reviews of all sorts of games, go to this page. There's monthly columns, gaming trivia, art and fiction, and a lot more.

Not to be confused with, NetRPG is a good-looking source of information for all sorts of different games and systems.

Official D&D Pages New!
Although WotC isn't currently supporting a lot of the old D&D campaign settings, most of those games have official webpages. Here you can go to the official pages for
Birthright, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Planescape, Ravenloft, and Spelljammer.

Psychotic Dreams
This page has an impressive array of information for the D6 and Star Wars games, as well as a large number of links to other D6 and Star Wars pages. Magic, superpowers, D6 in the Wild West -- if you need it, go here. There’s also some stuff for the game Brave New World.

The best English-language gaming site on the Web, hands down. RPGNet combines intelligent, informative content with a clean, organized design. You will find a comprehensive industry directory, a reference library for researching your campaigns, and weekly columns and reviews. If you wanted a better site, you'd have to build it yourself, but why bother? Go to RPGNet.

RPG Planet
This page has a ton of news and information on numerous tabletop and computer RPGs, as well as a great page on third edition D&D.

S.E.A.D.S. Role Players Page
S.E.A.D.S. Role Players Page is a site dedicated to D&D, primarily the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance, but they have plans to add Greyhawk, Ravenloft, and the other D&D worlds as well. The offer gaming tips, ideas, and other sources, and they currently sponser ongoing campaigns three days a week.

Star Wars Sites Updated
As you can probably tell, we're rather into Star Wars, especially the game. You can also go to the
Ghost Squadron Web Page, which has a lot of free downloads, a humor section, and a shrine to Wedge, among other things. The Star Wars Role Playing Page has some nice charts and lists, including quite a bit of hand-made stuff, such as new Force powers, as well as rules for the game of Sabbac. Andy's Sci-Fi Page has adventure hooks, forms, ships, a section for GMs only, lots of links to other SW: RPGsites, and more. It also has a section for Star Fleet Battles, just in case you like Star Trek as well. Originally, I had a link to a font page called "Boba Fonts", which had several freeware Star Wars fonts, including a hand-drawn Aura Besh. That page has moved, though, to the multimedia section of, a nice page with lots of neat Star Wars stuff, including other forms of multimedia and news. You can also go to the Star Wars RPG Database, which has everything from equipment to Darth Maul's stats. Links to the Star Wars Galaxy has a huge database of Star Wars links (as the name suggests), including a lot of links to other SW gaming pages. Or try page, a page with "one goal: to encourage the online Star Wars: the RPG community." It's a lofty goal, but they seem to be doing quite well at fulfilling it. It also contains the new, online version of the Adventure Journal that is no longer being published; submissions are welcome. New to this page is the Star Wars Raptor Squad. They describe themselves as "a Star Wars page with attitude!" Go there, check 'em out, and find out if it's true!

“T. A. G.'s Almost Complete Guide to Gaming Clubs of North America”. TAGACGGCNA is, as it says, a list of gaming clubs in the U.S.A. if you're not from Rockville or the surrounding areas in Maryland, and you don't live near enough to commute to the Adventurers Guild, go here; you may be able to find a club closer by.

This page has a tremendous amount of information for the various LUG Star Trek games. New ship designs, many new species from the shows (including the ToS cartoon) that were not listed in the books, and a lot more.

TuDragons is a tremendous collection of free- and shareware programs for GMs and PCs alike, ranging from map-makers, to item-generators, to thieves guild creators. It calls itself the #1 collection of RPG programs, and I'm inclined to agree.

The Wererat's Lair
This is one of the best places I've seen for gaming fonts of all sorts, plus lots of facts about rats in general, as well as some stuff on Lovecraft. The author of this page is also the author of an article from Dragon Magazine, ”The Ecology of the Wererat”, so she knows her stuff.

Patricia C. Wrede's Worldbuilder Questions
Creating your own fantasy world, especially one that is plausible and internally consistant, can be very daunting task, and this page can help.


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