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I can do these pretty much in any color, and as have about a zillion fonts, in almost any other typsestyle. Don't download any of these -- I did them all really small, in size, dpi, and filesize. Anyway, let me know if you like them, or like the concepts behind them, or, if you don't like them, what exactly is it you don't like about them, so I can avoid them. Also, let me know if you'lve settled on a color scheme, so I can make the logo match.


#1. OK, this one is multicolored with a streak effect, has an outline, and is beveled.


#2. Rough texture, typewriter-ish font.


#3. I used the phrase "" as a stamp, and I did a thin, light outline for ease in reading.


#4. I played around with a texture action I made, and picked green because hey, I like green. Mostly this one if for the shape of the words themselves.


#5. This one is hard to read because it's dark. It's green fading to blue, slight sandy texture, with raised bits.