ࡱ> MOHIJKL5@ ~bjbj22 +XX~d)d)d)d)*TO[2H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-ZZZZZZZ$\R^ZH-H-H-H-H-ZH-H- [IIIH-H-H-ZIH-ZI6IIj BTUH-<- `d)A:dIV [0O[J> _8BN_dTUbU4_U,H-H-IH-H-H-H-H-ZZd`I`He Fights A Never Ending Battle. House rules for DC Supers by Jesse N. Willey Acknowledgements These hybrid Rules were adapted from unofficial Mayfair 3rd rules created by Jesse N. Willey and John M. Fenimore. Conversions from the West End Games rules were play tested Adam C. Cummings. Other rules were play tested by various players during the past three and half years. All characters and species mentioned in this document are copyright and trademark of DC Comics. Thanks to David Lichtenstein for the editing help. Fortress of Solitude Rules | Supporting Cast | Species Templates | Hybrid Rules Section One: Fortress of Solitude Rules The following contains a complete listing The Adventurers Guilds House Rules of The DC Universe Roleplaying Game by West End Games. Since the author was the GM on all the DCU games to date, it was up to me to sit down and write them. There are several rules that I blatantly disregarded: The Joe Average Tax Power Limitations at different starting levels Package Costs Linking Powers The Joe Average Tax First of all, I ignore the cost of 24D just to play the average person. At level one, thats a quarter of your dice spool spent just to have your butt handed to you by Jimmy Olsen. Im sorry; GMs want to start people off roughly as beginners, but they also dont want every third episode being a character creation session because somebody has gotten themselves killed while babysitting Sugar and Spike. Power Limitations At Different Starting Levels In compliance with the Joe Average rule I decided that power maximums are raised 1D for all classifications except manipulation powers. It is possible to raise any power higher than the max starting level if the players are willing to pay dearly for it. Assuming youre starting with a 65 die pool character, in order to get a power to 5D most powers will cost you a total of +4D: Base cost plus 1D to get to 2D; plus an additional 1D to get to 3D; +2D to get to 4D, +4D to get to 5D (and so on: +8D to get to 6D; +16D to get to 7D). The same system starts with 3D for manipulation powers. The results of such a creation systems creates a Level One character who has a few adventures under their belt before joining the group, which can be included in the background, or used to explain things like contact, wealth, enemy, or sworn enemy. The character has been around long enough to earn such things. Players may spend the extra 24D gained on anything. I find most players spend the points on raising powers and skills. Give a player enough rope and they will hang themselves. If a good Narrator notices the players abusing these rules he can throw in things like DEO Agents, or perhaps have the players be convicted of crimes they didnt commit. The players could get placed in Belle Reeve prison and then transferred to the infamous Suicide Squad. Not that Id ever do something like that. (Maxwell Lord, President Luthor, Neron, and various minor minions of Darkseid are evil enough for my games.) (For more information regarding the Suicide Squad, see various DC Comics or the DEO Agents Manual from West End Games.) Package Costs If you eliminate the Joe Average tax, the price of packages listed in various sourcebooks are too high. With something like a DEO agent, where it is assumed the character is a baseline human the cost is dropped 24D. Or the GM could chose to increase some of the agents skills to indicate that the player is not just an average agent, but one who has higher level of training, rank, access, or contacts. With any package where the starting stats are unlimited that does not include Superattribute as a power (such as androids), the cost stays the same, and treats those bonuses that exceed the die pool for the game as the Superattribute power. There is a difference between being nice and getting stepped on. Linking Powers In my opinion the books rule that the more expensive power is always the dominant power does not make sense. Within DC canon there are plenty of examples of what the book considers to be a cheaper power with a more expensive powers acting subservient to it. One good example is Dorothy Spinner of the Doom Patrol, who I have painstakingly converted from Mayfair Games DC Heroes RPG, then updated to present continuity. (See Supporting Cast section) Dorothys powers work as such: Illusions 5D [Uncontrollable] [Misc. linked to hormonal cycles] Matter Manipulation 5D (Linked to Illusions) [Delayed Reaction] [Linked to hormonal cycle.] Superattribute (Perception) 2D Now, if you look at this particular combination you will notice two things, both of which are included on purpose. The obvious one is that Matter Manipulation (which has a base cost of 25D) is linked to illusions (base cost 8D). This is because there is actually a fraction of a second time lag between the creation of the illusions and the point in which they gain physical mass. Similarly the image holds for a few thousandths of a second after the physical mass dissipates. Now, one could reason that her powers actually were Illusion 5D [Uncontrollable] [Extended Duration] and Matter Manipulation 5D [Delayed Reaction]. This would seem reasonable at first glance except for one simple fact: You cant always roll enough successes for a power to work properly. Factoring in multi-action penalties there would be an extremely high chance that Dorothys illusion would not gain mass at all. The only way this has happened in the comics is when some outside force has interfered with her powers. Secondly, this would mean that Dorothy had the ability to create an illusion without mass, or manipulate matter in ways that do not involve her illusions. Another thing veteran players will notice is that this link combination seems to mimic the much cheaper power Psychic Manifestation (base cost: 8D). There are several reasons for using this more expensive route for Dorothys powers. First of all, no matter how many dice you put into psychic manifestation, the character can only create one object at a time. Dorothy has been shown creating whole African Tribes, a legion of spiders, and a variety of other things. Secondly, psychic manifestation has the limitation that it cannot create animate objects such as people, spiders, an imaginary grandmothers or even a second Robot Man. By simulating the power via this more expensive method, such things can be achieved. As for the weird anomalies that occur during Dorothys period those are simulated by spending character and hero points. Im not even going to touch the philosophical and moral implications her subconscious horny thoughts being manifested. Section Two: Supporting Cast Here are some useful NPCs for almost any setting in the DC Universe. Name: Buzz (The stats in brackets represent Buzzs stats when he was still a demon.) Real Name: Marcus Occupation: Redeemed Demon Base of Operations: None Gender: Male Martial Status: Widowed Height: 511 Weight:180 lbs Eye Color: Black Hair color: Blonde Race: Human (but hes working to correct that.) Tech Level: 2 Advantages: Attractive Appearance -2D, Charismatic -3D, Contact (Wally) -4D, (The Demon Mother) -4D Disadvantages: Dark Secret +3D (Turned Mortal) Speed: 30 PDV:1D [2D] Unarmed BDV: 2 DP/L Bonus: 1D [2D] Character Points: 110 Hero Points: 1 Villain Points: 8 [11] Body Points: 45Reflexes: 3D [4D] Boating 4d [5D] Brawling4d [6D] Coordination 3D [5D] Marksmanship 4D [5D] (Bows and Arrows +1D [+2D]) (Slings +1d [+2D]) Lock picking 4D [5D] Physique: 3D [4D] Leap 5D Lifting 5D Running 5D Swimming 5D Knowledge 5D Science 6D (Genetics +1D) Arcane Lore 9D (Greco-Roman Mythology +3D) (Heaven and Hell +4D) Languages 10D Perception: 6D Artist 7D (Forgery +2D) Engineering 6D Hide 8D Presence: 4D [7D] Charm 6D [8D] (Seduction +1D [+2D]) (Preaching +2D [+4D]) Persuasion 7D Hypnosis 7D Powers: Magical Manipulation 1D [10D] Longevity 5D Superattribute (Perception) 2D History: Buzz was once a man named Marcus, a low level Roman Senator and priest of Jupiter. He was asked to join a conspiracy to kill Caligula. He refused to do so on moral grounds. It was only hours later the Caligula raped Marcuss wife, Valeria. He pleaded to Jupiter for vengeance, but none came. He was soon greeted by a lord of the new cosmic order, a being who identified himself as Baalzebub. Marcus sold his soul to Baalzebub in exchange for the death of Caligula and his wife to be returned to him till their days together were at an end. Both requests were soon granted. When Valeria return, she stabbed and killed Marcus. Marcus was then reborn as the demon known as Buzz. He was made to serve Baalzebub and eventually grew to like it. As Baalzebubs minion he acted as a muse of evil inspiring many infamous people which include John Wilkes Booth and Jack the Ripper. It was for his work with Booth that Baalzebub decided the resurrect Valeria. Once Buzz discovered this, he spent years trying to find her. Once he did, he was angered to find she was Jack the Rippers first victim. Over a hundred years of time are unrecorded at this point. His next known appearance was in 1941, when he seduced Till Beaumont on her wedding night. It wasnt until 60 years later that he knew he had fathered a child that night. There is another lapse of time, and Buzzs whereabouts became lost. While working with unknown mystic entities he played a part in creating the super villain Harm and the hero who would eventually become The Secret. (See their entries in the JLA Sourcebook.)He formed a brief alliance with the Chaos Lord Chatak, which lead to the creation of Supergirl. (See Supergirls entry in DCU base book, The Metropolis Sourcebook and the Magic Handbook.)While these events were not what Chatak had in mind, Buzz knew exactly what he was doing or so he claims. As of a result of the Supergirl debacle, Buzz was imprisoned in another dimension with an access port inside an asteroid. He psychically hitchhiked in the mind of Supergirls boyfriend Dick Malvernes mind to bide his time. Eventually, he tricked Supergirl into freeing him, and promising to put Dick back the way he was before Buzz took over. Unbeknownst to Supergirl, this meant Dicks brain cancer returned as well. A few weeks later, Buzz took Supergirl to the city of Dis to give her information crucial to beating a dangerous demon called The Carnivore. During Supergirls battle with the Carnivore, the Linda Danvers aspect was separated from the Supergirl (Angelic aspect) by a ten year old boy named Wally who might be God. Wally also turned Buzz into a lot less powerful human, leaving him with just enough power to serve as Linda Danverss guide to finding Supergirl. During the angel quest Buzz went through many tumultuous experiences. First he was hunted down by the family of Tilly Beaumont, who attempted to feed him to his daughter Dominque. Dominque later poisoned him, but he was healed by Doctor Fate. He was present when Topeka was destroyed by the Imperiex. He was convicted of a rape he didnt commit, and Supergirl left him to rot in prison, until she discovered he was innocent. Declaring war on God, and by extension those in his service, Buzz duped Two-Face into helping him clone Supergirl. Buzz was one of many people temporarily Jokerized. The Demon Queen Lilith offered him both his demonosity back and the soul of the angelic half of Supergirl to due with as he felt like, in exchange for the death of Linda Danvers. Buzz still felt compelled to help Linda. When the Angel Quest ended, Buzz settled his debts with Baalzebub by killing Lilith, the wife of Baalzebub. After the battle Buzz vanished. It is believed he has either regained his demon form, or has gone back to hell to re-earn his unhumanity on his own merit. Use in a campaign: Buzz can be used as a means into introduced to any number of mystic threats. Whose side he is on is really up to the narrator. Buzz may even have some connection to one (or more) of the party members origins, or that of their nemesis. Conversely, the party could meet Buzz during the Angel Quest. During this point in his life, Buzz was a self serving SOB who, despite his better judgment, had his heart in the right place. If the party meets Buzz after the Angel Quest, there could be hell to pay. Name: Tenzil H. Kem Occupation: According to Omnicom Ident, Chief Dining Consultant to Legion of Super Heroes and unofficial team morale officer. Gender: Male Martial Status: Single (Terminally so) Height: 58 Weight:175 lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black Race: Bismoillian Tech Level: 3 Advantages: Attractive Appearance -2D, Charismatic -3D, Contact (Legion of Super Heroes) -5D, Mechanical Aptitude -2D, Access (Legion of Super Heroes) -2D Disadvantages: Compulsive Behavior: (Cheering People Up with Jokes or Advice) and (Annoying Brainiac Five) at +1D, Youth +1D, Secret [Crush on Shrinking Violet/Leviathan 2] +1D Speed: 30 PDV:1D Unarmed BDV: 1 DP/L Bonus: +2 Hero Points: 3 Villain Points: 0 Character Points: 11 Body Points: 34 Reflexes: 3D Martial Arts 4D (Bismoillian Mouth Attack +1D) Dodge 4D (Ducking behind counters +2D) Coordination 3D Marksmanship 4D (Soda Fountain +1D) (Fire Extinguisher +1D) Physique: 3D Leap 4D Lifting 4D Running 5D Swimming 4D Knowledge 4D Computer Ops 6D (Brande Systems + 1D) Security 5D (Legion of Super Heroes Bases +1D) Languages 5D (Interlac +1d) (Cargite +1d) (Imskian +1D) Cooking 6d (Cargite +2D) (Imskian +2D) (Rimborian +1D) (Coluan +2D) (Daximite +1D) (Brallian +2D) (Winathian +2D) (Bismoillian +3D) (Xanthuan +1D) (Naltorian +1D) (Titanian +1D) (Human + 3D) Psychology 5D (Humanoids +1D) Perception: 3D Artist 4D Hide 5D Repair 4D Presence: 5D Charm 6D (General Friendliness +1D) Diplomacy 6D (Interspecies +1D) Natural Abilities: Digestive Adaptability 4D [Ineffective against Magnezite] History: Post Zero Hour: Tenzil Kem is one of the most skilled chefs in the known galaxy. The fact that he is from a planet where sand dollars, rocks with a side order of tires and batteries is considered gourmet food makes this quite a feat. He was originally given his post with the Legion because Legion founder RJ Brande owed a few favors to Tenzils father. While originally intended to be a simple chef, he has become a jack of many trades serving as comic relief, a shoulder to cry to on, and even source for advice. He flirts with practically anything female and humanoid that comes by in order to shatter his nice guy image, but it doesnt seem to work. He was particular strong feeling for Salu Digby. (Originally Shrinking Violet, now Leviathan 2) Pre-Zero Hour: Before the Reboot, Tenzil was a fully trained Legionnaire and not a chef. If you wish to role-play this part of Legion future-history simply raise his martial arts and get rid of the Vyrgan cuisine specialization from his cooking skill list. He later served a fifteen year term in the Bimoillian Senate. Youre using Tenzil after that point in time, he would have Contact (Bismoillian Senate) +3D, and Contact (Various Planetary Governments) +4D. His Diplomacy skill would also be raised to 7d. He would also have Probability Manipulation 5D as a result of eating the miracle machine. The SW6 Legion: Subtract the Vyrgan cuisine skill and replace it with Sklaran, the stats above will work for the SW6 Tenzil except his crush on Violet is not a secret. It is about as non-covert as the Bay of Pigs. The feelings became mutual; they were complicated by her long distance relationship with Devlin Orion. Conjecture: The Pre-Zero Hour Tenzils father served a brief term as Bismoilian Ambassador to Earth. There is no Post Zero Hour evidence to contradict this. In fact there is quite a bit of evidence supporting it, so it is safe to assume that his father held the position in the rebooted 30th century as well. Some issue somewhere listed the Pre-Zero Hour Tenzils middle name as Hizoriad. Since there has been no evidence contradicting or supporting that tidbits continuance Post-Zero Hour I decided to compromise and simply use the middle initial H. Use in a campaign: In every incarnation of Legion continuity, Tenzil is great vehicle for a light hearted romp around the 30th century. He can also be used as comic relief in dark adventures. Name: Molly ORiley Gender: Female Height: 59 Martial Status: Engaged Eye Color: Brown Weight: 140 Lbs Race: Human Tech Level: 1 Advantages: Attractive Appearance -2D, Acute balance -2D Acute Sense of Direction -2D, Contact (Faerie Royal Court) -5D Disadvantages: Curse of Faerie +4D Speed: 30 PDV: 2D Unarmed BDV: 1D P/L Bonus: +1 Character Points: 11 Hero Points: 3 Villain Points: 0 Body Points: 34Reflexes: 3D Acrobatics 4D Dodge 4D (Magic Blast +1D) Dancing 4D Coordination: 3D Sleight of Hand 4D Physique: 3D Running 1D Knowledge: 3D Arcane Lore 5D (Faerie +1D) Languages 4D (Fae +1D) Perception: 4D Artist: Dancing 5D Hide 5D Streetwise 5D (London +1D) (Faerie Court +1D) Presence: 4D Animal Handling 5D Bluff 5D Charm 5D (flirting +1D) (General friendliness +1D) Willpower 5D Powers: Magical Manipulation 3D Dimension Travel (Binding Only; Only to Faerie) 3D History: Molly started out life as the normal girl next door. This would be all well and good, if the boy across the street wasnt Tim Hunter. While dating Tim, Molly was dragged through Hell, literally. On another adventure, the couple went to Faerie. Molly was tricked into eating food while in Faerie, and thus was cursed to not be able eat food or walk on Earth. When she returned home, she floated six inches off the ground. Approximately a year later she returned to Faerie and fought the demon Barbados. In exchange for her services, the queen gave her a necklace that had a spell which bound a small area around her body to Faerie, allowing Molly to walk and eat on Earth. During the four year gap between Books of Faerie and Hunters: Ages of Magic, Molly began dating Frenchman named Jean-Luc. The two are now engaged. While she does not look back on magic or her years adventuring with Tim fondly, she has kept the necklace. Use in a campaign: As the ex-girlfriend and former confidant of Tim Hunter, Molly is an ideal character to use to insert elements DC/Vertigos London and some of the more Vertigo-esque locales. Perhaps uninformed party member will come looking for Tim. Perhaps they need a way to get to Faerie. Name (Public): Dorothy Spinner Gender: Female Martial Status: Single Height: 53 Weight:115 Lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown Race: Metahuman Tech Level: 1 Advantages: Contact -3D [Doom Patrol], Access [Doom Patrol base] -2D, Access [JLA bases] -2D Disadvantages: Innocent +2D, Strange Appearance +2D, Young +1D, Physically Disabled +4D [Comatose] Speed: 30 PDV: 1D Unarmed BDV: 1D Character Points: 20 Hero Points: 10 Villain Points: 1 Body Points: 29Reflexes: 3D Dodge 4D Acrobatics 4D Coordination: 3D Sneak 4D Pickpocket 4D Physique: 3D Running 4D Swimming 4D Knowledge: 3D Computer Ops 4D (Happy Harbor Sanctuary +1D) History 4D (African +1D) (Metahuman +1D) Arcane Lore 4D Perception: 5D Shadowing 6D Streetwise: Happy Harbor 6D Streetwise: Danny the Planet 6D Presence: 3D Charm 4D (General Friendliness +1D) Willpower 4D Powers: Illusions 5D [Uncontrollable] [Misc.: linked to hormonal cycles] Matter Manipulation 5D (Linked to Illusions) [Delayed Reaction] [Misc. : Linked to hormonal cycles.] Superattribute (Perception) 2D  History: Dorothy Spinner grew up isolated on a farm. Her simian facial structure made her fear going outside. Her intensely powerful psionic abilities made things a bit more livable. Her power to bring images from her subconscious mind to life brought out a cavalcade of imaginary friends. She also watched plenty of TV and read incessantly. Eventually, her powers caught the attention of Niles Cauldor, (aka The Chief of the Doom Patrol). In her early teens the chief recruited her for training in controlling her powers. Once she was in an environment where everyone was a little freakish looking, she became less shy and began to act more like a normal teenage girl. It wasnt until several months into her stay that the Chief realized Dorothys powers tended to go haywire during that time of the month. (Simulate this effect, simply spend a hero point every time Dorothy creates and illusion.) After the death of The Chief, the remaining Doom Patrollers located Dorothys long lost Grandmother. Dorothy resisted going back. Her powers activated and the rest of the Doom Patrol was killed by a rampaging manifestation of Dorothys power. The battle left Dorothy herself comatose. In her unconscious state, she created a duplicate Robot Man. This Robot Man briefly led the new Doom Patrol. When confronted with the fact that it wasnt real, Robot Man vanished. The other Doom Patrol members, along with former Doom Patrol member Gar Logan, went looking for Cliff Steele. They eventually found his hid, fully intact and the batteries mysteriously still going. They had a new body built for him, and then awakened him. It was Cliff who put two and two together. They had not been sending Dorothy to her Grandmothers, but to the custody of one of her more dangerous imaginary friends. It was Cliff who calmed her down and made for powers go dormant (for now anyway). She is slowly coming off the need for life support, but she still will not wake. Use in Campaign:
Supporting Cast Update Name (Public): Lucas Snapper Carr While Snapper Carrs stats were already published in West Ends JLA: Sourcebook, they only covered his career prior to JLA (Volume 1) #66. The following contain his stats after Hourman #1 up to the present. Occupation: Mechanic, electrician, meta-human team consultant. Base of Operations: Happy Harbor, Rhode Island Gender: Male Martial Status: Single (Divorced) Height: 510 Weight:175 Lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown Race: Human Tech Level: 1 Advantages: Attractive Appearance -2D, Charismatic -3D, Contact (JLA -5D), (JSA -3D), (L. E. G. I. O. N. -2D), (Justice Legion Alpha -5D), (Young Justice -3D), (The Spectre -2D), Mechanical Aptitude -2D Disadvantages: Dark Secret +1D [Accidentally betrayed the JLA when he was a kid.], Guilt +2D [For the betrayal.], Procrastination +2D, Dependant +1D [Bethany Lee] Speed: 30 PDV:1D Unarmed BDV:3D P/L Bonus: +2 Character Points: 11 Hero Points: 3 Villain Points: 1 Body Points:33Reflexes: 3D Boating 4D Brawling4D Piloting 4D (Modified Hot Rod +1D) (Dominion Battle Wagon +1D) Coordination 3D Marksmanship 4D (Bows and Arrows +1D) Physique: 3D Leap 5D Lifting 5D Running 5D Swimming 5D Knowledge 4D Computer Ops 6D (Martian Systems +1D) Research: Internet 5D Security 5D (Justice League Bases +1D) Arcane Lore 6D (Time Travel Theory +1D) Languages 5D (Interlac +1d) (Thanagarian +1D) Perception: 4D Artist 5D Engineering 6D Hide 5D Invent 6D Repair 6D Presence: 5D Charm 6D Here are Snappers stats for his time with The Blasters. Gender: Male Martial Status: Single Height: 510 Weight:175 Lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown Race: Human Tech Level: 1 Advantages: Attractive Appearance -2D, Charismatic -3D, Contact (JLA -5D), Mechanical Aptitude -2D Disadvantages: Dark Secret +1D [Accidentally betrayed the JLA when he was a kid.], Guilt +2D [For the betrayal], Procrastination +2D Speed: 30 PDV:1D Unarmed BDV: 3D P/L Bonus: +2 Character Points: 11 Hero Points: 3 Villain Points: 1 Body Points:33Reflexes: 3D Boating 4D Brawling4D Piloting 4D (Modified hot rod +1D) (Dominion Battle Wagon +1D) Coordination 3D Marksmanship 4D (Bows and Arrows +1D) Physique: 3D Leap 5D Lifting 5D Running 5D Swimming 5D Knowledge 4D Computer ops 6D (Martian Systems +1D) Research: Internet 5D Security 5D (Justice League Bases +1D) Arcane Lore 6D Languages 5D (Thanagarian +1D) Perception: 4D Artist 5D Engineering 6D Hide 5D Invent 6D Repair 6D Presence: 5D Charm 6D Powers: Teleportation (Long Range) 60D [Limitation teleporting with eyes open can drive one insane.] Teleportation (Short Range) 15D [Limitation teleporting with eyes open can drive one insane.] History: Lucas Carr started as a lucky kid who seems to be at the right place at the right time to form super hero teams. He was not present when the heroes who would later form the Justice League first met to battle the Appelexians. He did provide a plan to save his hometown Happy Harbor during the Leagues first real battle. He thought that since lime kills starfish, it might also harm the giant starfish like Starro the Star Conqueror. By chance, the plan worked. For that he was given a membership in the Justice League, which official formed that afternoon. Snappers uncle Simon was then used as a secret front to move money from the JLAs secret benefactor, Oliver Queen. Snappers skills came in useful when helping to build the Secret Sanctuary. He managed to wire together computers systems that should not have been able to work together. A year and a half later, came another teams first official meeting. The Antithesis was making all the adults in Happy Harbor, the Justice Leaguers included, act strangely. At first the Leaguers began to act slightly more violent. It soon became apparent that all the residents over the age of 21 were possessed. A mysterious teenager was able to contact the heroes sidekicks anonymously during the early stages of the take over. The sidekicks worked so well together they decided to form a regular team called the Teen Titans. Whether or not Snapper was the one who contacted the Titans is a secret he intends to take to his grave. Unfortunately, Snapper was later tricked by the Joker into revealing the Secret Sanctuarys location. No one was seriously hurt during the Jokers raid on the Secret Sanctuary. The Justice League voted not to punish Snapper due to the fact he was a junior member. Snapper was still over come with guilt, and resigned. Years later he was briefly abducted by The Dominators. He gained super powers and led a revolt in the labs. The escapees formed a team called The Blasters. A year later, The Blasters battled the Khunds. Snapper lost his hands. He called in a favor with Vril Dox II to have his metagenes altered to a form of one-shot regeneration. While Snapper regrew his hands, he lost his teleportation abilities. The fate of The Blasters is unknown, but Snapper then returned to Earth. Then he did what most 20 year olds do. He went to college and got married. Marriage was brief due to unending feelings of guilt over his failures with the JLA and The Blasters. After the divorce, Snapper drifted into a dead end job working as a mechanic. That turned around after meeting the third Hourman. Snapper taught the android about being a super hero, being mortal, and most importantly about latte. They both taught each other about second chances. After Hourman returned to his home time, Snapper took a job as the new Justice League liaison to Young Justice. He helped Young Justice set up their own headquarters. While he still must report to the League, his teaching methods are very different from Red Tornado. While still strict when he needs to be, he gives the team a lot more leeway in decision making. Use in a campaign: Depending on your campaign there are several uses for Snapper. In a game where most of the players in the same power level as the JLA, Snapper is a good supporting character. He can be used much the way he was during his original tenure on the JLA, as a simple mechanic. He isnt a slouch in the combat department. He was trained in brawling by both Batman (and later Wildcat), and archery by Oliver Queen. If youre running a group of younger or inexperienced heroes, Snapper makes an excellent teacher. Thirdly, if your character simply needs information, access to something in the Secret Sanctuary, or a way to contact almost any big name super hero, they might first seek out Snapper. If your campaign is set shortly after The First War with The Dominators the party might encounter Snapper and The Blasters in space. Section Three: Species Templates Many of these are conversions from The Atlas of the DC Universe by Mayfair Games. Some of them have been adapted to fit the Post-Zero Hour idea that the Legionnaires are the planetary champions of their particular planets. Pre-Zero Hour Legionnaires were all metahumans or the equivalent of Olympic athletes in regard to their species stats and natural abilities. The package cost assumes that you use the other house rules included with this document. If you choose not to use them, increase the starting package cost by 24D. Some of the information on these planets is conjuncture because it includes information from the Pre-Zero Hour timeline. DC Comics has yet to release information that contradicts this information, but could at anytime. Also, hardcore Legion fans may notice that I left some races, namely Rimborans and Xanthuans, off the species list. This is because there is genetically nothing that separates them from baseline human. While they are many metagenetic abilities amongst the population of these worlds, they are not as uniform, much like Earth prior to the Great Disaster. Winathians, who are also baseline human, at least have the unusual connection to their twins to distinguish them from baseline humans. They do not, according to current information, have much in the way of metagenetics on Winath. Bgtzlian Package Cost: 13 Points Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 2D Know-How Density Manipulation +1D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DNatural Abilities: Density Manipulation (Insubstantiality Only) 3D Dimension Travel (Earth/Bgtzl Only) 3D Race Type: Humanoid Species Origin: Parallel Evolution  Important History: Bgtzl is a planet in a nearby star system with certain other-dimensional properties which have granted its natives the ability to pass through otherwise solid matter. It is home to two-term United Planets Vice President Winema Wazzo. Her daughter Tinya (a half Cargite) is Bgtzls representative to the Legion of Super Heroes. Other Interesting tidbits: Bgtzl has a tremendous space port that has access to dozens of worlds. They frequently trade with the neighboring star systems including Carg, Bismoil, and Imsk. While they openly supported Titan during the Titan/Braal War, rumors have it that they covertly sold weapons to Brall. Bismoilian Package Cost: 6D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 2D Perception: 2D Presence: 2D Natural Ability: Digestive Adaptability 3D [Ineffective against Magnezite] Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Gandian World  Important History: Bismoil is one of the dozen or so worlds that, according to legend, were seeded with a mixture of protomatter and the DNA of the Daxamite hero Valor. Coluan scientists theorized that they are actually descendants people abducted and experimented on by the Dominators that were rescued by Valor. The abductees were traumatized and feared returning to Earth and decided to explore the galaxy. In either case, the genetic manipulation was done using techniques developed in the late 20th (or possibly early 21st) century. Due to lack of faster than light capability they did not reach Bismoil until the early part of the second decade of the 25th century. While the planet did have plant life, they found everything contained a deadly microbe. If you believe Bismoilian legends it is only through the grace of Valor they discovered their abilities to eat almost anything. Though some believe that was a sinister plot by the Dominators. Other Interesting Tidbits: The number one import to Bismoil is garbage. Garbage imports comprise 60% of the average Bismoilian diet. The recent invasion by The Blight severely damaged the Bismoillian economy and drove food prices beyond the reach of the typical Bismoillian. Wealthy Bismoilians who donated their transports, wings of their houses, and even multimillion credit peaces of art to feed their neighbors are still waiting for the higher tax refunds promised by the United Planets. Brallian Package Cost: 26D Reflexes: 3D Coordination: 3D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 2D Know-How Magnetic Manipulation +2D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DDisadvantage: Poverty -2D Natural Ability: Magnetic Manipulation 3D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Gandian World  Important History: The Brall is a Gandian world, but unlike most planets supposedly settled by Lar Gand, Brall has had a violent history. This could have something to do with the immense population of the planet. There are now over a 2 trillion Brallans on the planet. The early colonist broke up in to small tribes that fought amongst themselves. At some point in the early 30th century Brall waged a war with the distant moon of Saturn, Titan. The fighting ended sometime prior to 2985. Earth had freed itself from the Dominators. Earth served as impartial moderators during the peace talks. During the war with Titan, Brall exhausted most of its resources. An old Brallian tradition of leaving home as young teenager to find work turned extra solar as soon as the war ended. Brallians can now be found as migrant workers on almost every world in the United Planets. There is still much tension between the Brallians and Titanians despite the fact that they are both UP worlds. The hostility is no where near what it was 15 years ago. Cargite Package Cost: 33D Reflexes: 3D Coordination: 3D Physique: 3D Knowledge: 3D Perception: 3D Presence: 3DNatural Ability: Multiplicity 2D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Gandian World  Important History: Carg is Earthlike planet in a trinary system. Each Cargite can split into three separate yet identical beings. Most Cargites make no distinctions between any of their bodies. Of all the Gandian races they are the most fervent in their belief that Valor was a God. Interesting Tidbits: Cargites who begin to think of their different bodies as different people are usually given extensive therapy and medications. Coluan Package Cost: 25D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 3D [6D] Gadgetry +1D Medicine +1D Science +1D (Specialization +1D) (specialization +1D) Perception: 3D [6D] Search +1D Invent +1D Engineering +1D Presence: 2DAdvantage: Gifted in Learning +4D Disadvantages: Compulsive Behavior (Researching) -2D Intolerance: Artificial Lifeforms -4D Hides Emotions -2D Natural Abilities: Superattribute Knowledge 3D Superattribute Perception 3D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Parallel Evolution  Important History: Many centuries ago, about the 13th century Galactic Standard Calendar, the Coluans were a civilization torn between the drive for war and the drive for peace. In order to prevent world war a massive computer system was devised to pass and enact laws over the planet of Colu. Soon the computers became the supreme rulers of the planet. During that time the Coluans became peaceful and docile. This was because the computers had secret developed a mind control device which had seized control of most of the planets population. After several hundred years the computers needed repairs done that only an organic being could provide. The computers searched all of Colu to find someone capable of completing the task, they found Vril Dox. Dox asked for two things:Freedom from the mind control, and another favor of his choosing at some point down the road. Dox was the only one on the planet capable of doing the job. The computers had no choice but to accept Doxs demands. After months of work on fixing and upgrading the computers, Dox asked for a son. What he got was a genetically enhanced clone of himself. (Whether this was of Doxs own choosing or the computers act of betrayal is lost in history.) When Vril Dox the Second was a child, Vril began to speak out in public about the computers giving them the name The Computer Tyrants. He began speaking out that the organics should rise up and free themselves, but it was a mere cover for his own ambition to rule Colu. The Computer Tyrants disintegrated Dox. Doxs metagenetic abilities awakened and sent his mental essence cruising thru space. He eventually merged with a human stage performer named Milton Fine. Dox soon emerged as super villain Brainiac. For years, Vril Dox the Second was forced to do labor for the computer tyrants. Visitors from the neighboring system, Ellia (see Dominators) offered the Computer Tyrants a choice. Hand over their greatest living mind, or face annihilation. The Computer Tyrants handed Dox II over to the Dominators. Dox II was in a Dominator prison camp during the failed galactic invasion. It is there that he heard stories about a group of metahumans and alien refugees that for fought for freedom for the planet Earth. Doxs mind reeled. He manipulated some of his fellow prisoners (of various species) into helping him topple the computer tyrants. Dox II formed a paid police force called the Licensed Extra-governmental Interplanetary Operations Network. (L. E. G. I. O. N. is not to be confused with the Legion of Super Heroes of the late 30th and early 31st centuries.) Under Dox IIs reign, the organization, while averring noble intent, was rotten with duplicitous methods which included keeping bounty hunters like Lobo on payroll. More than 1000 years later, in the year 3003,Dox II is remembered as a hero except in the minds of the better informed like his great grandson Querl. In recent years Colu has had two claims to fame. Firstly, it produced the first mind with a 12th level intelligence (Querl Dox). The secondly, Brainiac 4, (Querl Doxs mother) was unmasked as the leader of the terrorist group The Dark Circle, a secret society bent on taking over the United Planets by inciting a civil war. Also, Coluan intelligence agents planted a nanovirus carrying assassin named Sharyn Nux into the Legion of Super Heroes in order to try to destroy the Robotica from gaining full self awareness. Interesting Tidbits: Coluan is one the ten languages that formed the basis for the earliest form of Interlac. Daxamite Package Cost: 200D (Level 1); 175D (Level 2) Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 3D Medicine +1D Perception: 3D Presence: 3DAdvantage: Gifted In Learning +4D Disadvantage: Vulnerability Lead -10D Natural Abilities: Supersense [Hearing] 3D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Flight 5D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Invulnerability 6D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Super Breath 4D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Speed Manipulation 4D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Supersense Vision 8D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Infra Vision 4D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] X-Ray Vision 4D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Superattribute [Reflexes] 3D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Superattribute [Coordination] 3D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Superattribute [Physique] 6D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Energy Projection (Heat) [Eyes Only] 4D [Conditional: Yellow Sun -4D from cost] Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Parallel Evolution (Colony World?) Important History: According to their history, the Daxamite race has always resided on the planet Daxam. They claim that the genetic and structural similarities to Kryptonians are simply a result of environmental condition of the surrounding systems. Architectural similarities are due in part to heavy trade with the KryptoniansIn the Early 10th century Galactic Standard Calendar, when the Second Great Age of Krypton ended the Kryptonians cut off contact with Daxam and rest of the Galaxy forever. Not long after Daxamites the suffered a social collapse of their own. According to information within the Eradicator, Daxam is the sole surviving Kryptonian colony. The Eradicator was designed to destroy all non-native life forms on Krypton. The Daxamites were still on the Eradicators watch list because they genetically altered themselves to better suit their new planet. During the 20th Century came the start of a legend. The Daxamites acted as impartial observers during the Dominions invasion of Earth. The invasion fleet did massive damage to Sydney. One Daxamite, the father of Lar Gand, raised his fist in resistance against the Dominators. All the Daxamites soon died of lead poisoning. In the months following, a young Daxamite named Lar Gand arrived on scene. After receiving an anti-lead treatment, he served a brief stint with the Licensed Extragovernmental Interplanetary Operations Network and did a lot to improve our galaxys general perception of Daxamites. He was fired after an ethical dispute with Vril Dox II. Months later, he was possessed by the villain Eclipso and was used as one of the dark gods aces in the hole. When the Earths heroes beat Eclipso, Lar was freed and decided to take a brief trip to Earth. He soon returned to space in a Lexcorp ship named Babbage. Then he had a brief run in with his former L. E. G. I. O. N. comrades. Dox repaired the Gands ship. Dox then reported the parts missing. Gand was arrested and place in Starlag III. Several days later was rescued from the Takron-Galtos prison colony by Snapper Carr and his team The Blasters. Soon afterwards, Gand encountered a Dominion base. Here is where the story gets sketchy. Most theologians claim this is where Valor mated with an amorphous blob of protomatter which was used to seed planets across the galaxy. Others claim he simply rescued humans abducted and experimented on by the Dominators. The abductees, being emotional scarred by years of tests, did not wish to return to Earth. Gand simply gave them supplies and let the have the bases escape pods and sent them on their way. The galaxy will never to know what really happened. When Lar returned to Earth he was amnesiac. Not only that, his anti-lead serum was slowly wearing off. With the help of Superboy, Lar Gand was projected into the phantom zone. As far as we know, Daxam was relatively quiet for the next 1000 years. In2994 Daxamite Secret Society known as the White Triangles made their presence known. They believed all non-humanoid races were non-sentient. The White Triangles objected to such races getting the right to vote in the United Planets Council and Senate. Ironically, their list of races they considered non-humanoid and non-sentient were the Coluans. Daxams representative to the Legion of Super Heroes, Andromeda, gave the White Triangles several batches of anti-lead serum thinking it was helping her people. She did not know was the serum was faulty and had dangerous psychoactive affects. Now power mad, the Triangles soon turned violent. They attacked the legionnaire Triad (Lournu Durgo of Carg), who they considered non-humanoid. The Triangles then began a full scale assault on Earth in hopes of seizing control of the United Planets. Legion founder RJ Brande led a trip to Trom to visit an old friend, one of the only men capable of synthesizing tharnian crystals, a key component in Stargate technology. The White Triangles followed Brande. Brande was successful in contacting his old friend. Once the Triangles arrived they demanded the entire planets supply of tharnian crystal. When the Tromites refused, Triangles destroyed all life on Trom. One Tromite, Jan Arrah, managed to escape in Brandes ship. He too, surprisingly, could make tharnian crystals. By the time Brande and his team return to Earth, the Legion was involved in a full scale war against the White Triangles. The Legion won, but at great cost: The apparent death of Apparition and Andromeda. Apparition was kept alive by her ties to her then-unknown Cargite other selves. Andromeda faked her death and moved to a monastery. About a month after that, Brainiac Five finally perfected his Serum. He wentback in time with a handful of Legionaires to find a way to get Valor out the Phantom Zone. Upon their return, Superboy accidentally let the plan leak. The general public was in an uproar. One side condemned the Legion for sacrilege. Another group claimed them to be the greatest heroes of all time. In the end, a faked failed test was used for public viewing and then Valor was released secretly. Lar Gand soon changed his code name to Monel, which is Martian for Wanderer. GMs Note: A full blooded Daxamite is not suggested for players, but they are included for the hybrid rules. Dominators Package Cost: 16D. Reflexes: 2D Pilot + 2D (Battle Wagon +1D) Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 4D Scholar +1D (Bioengineering +1D) Gadgetry + 2D Military Science + 1D Science +2D (Specialization +1D) Presence: 3DAdvantage: Gifted in Learning +4D Disadvantages: Must obey of all commands given to them by a Dominator of a higher cast than them -4D Strange Appearance -2D (Non-Dominators only) Backup Plan -4D  Important History:The Ellia, purposefully mistranslated to The Dominators, got their name for their tendency to rid planets of any metagenetic resistance then take over a planet. Such attempts to remove metagenes have actually led to thousands of sparking metas of various species. Some say they are the true spawners of the various human subspecies across the galaxy, a trap just waiting for the right moment to be sprung. Interesting Tidbits: The Dominators are a caste-based society. Each Dominator has a large disk on their forehead. The larger the disk, the higher the caste of the Dominator. There is a small resistance movement known as the Rankless Ones, who have no disks. They are considered fugitives amongst their people and would be shot on sight. Duralan Package Cost: 36D (Level One); 34D (Level Two) Reflexes: 3D Coordination: 3D Physique: 3D Knowledge: 3D Know How (Shapeshifting) + 1D Perception: 3D Presence: 2D Disguise +2D Artist: Acting +2DDisadvantages: Xenophobia +3D Natural Abilities: Shapeshifting 4D Size Manipulation 3D (Linked to Shapeshifting)  Duralan Super Soldier Upgrade Package Cost: 29D (Level One); 27D (Level Two) Reflexes: +1D Martial Arts +1d Coordination: +1D Lockpicking +1d Physique: +1D Knowledge: +1D Know-How Shapeshifting +2d Languages 1D (Interlac +1d) (Other specialization +1d) Perception: +1D Hide +1D Survival +1D Search +1D Tracking +1D Shadowing +1D Presence: 3D Disguise +3D Artist (Acting) +1DDisadvantages: +1D to Xenophobia. Duralan super soldiers even distrust normal Duralans Natural Abilities: Shapeshifting +1D Size Manipulation +1D (Linked to shapeshifting) Powers: Mimicry 2D (Can only mimic powers of form chosen) Species Type: Mutable Origin: Rapid mutation Important History: For thousands of years the Durlans were a warlike people. Then they had the three minute war. The use of both nuclear and metagenic bioweapons left the planet a wasteland. The life forms that survived acquired the ability to shapeshift. For hundreds of years afterwards, the Duralans continued fight amongst themselves. Finally the tribes decided to intermarry in order bring about peace. When the radiation levels dropped, visitors from off Durla arrived. The visitors began plundering the planet of usable resources. The Durlans fought against the visitors and eventual drove them out. To insure it never happened again, the tribal council began genetically engineering metagenetic Durlans. This practice continued until 2997. GilDishpan/GilPan Package Cost: 32D (Level 1); 30D (Level Two or higher) Reflexes: 1D Coordination: 1D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 3D Science 1D (Specialization +1D) (Specialization +1D) Perception: 3D Presence: 3DDisadvantages: Unusual Appearance [Air Breathers only] -2D Physically Disabled [Armless and Legless] -4D Physically Disabled [-4D]* * GilDishpah and GilPan cannot survive outside their bubbles when off the homeworld. Natural Abilities: Telepathy 4D Equipment: Bubble (Body Points: 35; Powers: Flight 3D, Sealed System 6D) Species: Sponge Based Species Origin: Natural Evolution Important History: The GilPan and Gildishpan are actually two names for the same race. They call themselves GilPan. GilDishpan was a bit on nomenclature given to them by the United Planets first contact team due to problems with the language lexicon telepathically transmitted by a Gilpan named Zymr. The GilPan have been somewhat resentful of humanoids ever since. One sect, to which Zymr belonged, even engaged in open attacks on humanoid life. Hykarius Package Cost: 39D (Level One); 31D (Level Two or Higher) Reflexes: 3D Coordination: 3D Physique: 3D Knowledge: 3D Know-How Telepathy +1D Know-How Telekinesis +1D Perception: 3D Presence: 2D Willpower +1DDisadvantages: Unusual Appearances -2D (Off-Worlders Only) Vulnerability -5D (Need Hykariuss Atmosphere) Natural Abilities: Telekinesis 3D Telepathy 5D Water Manipulation (Water Breathing Only) 3D Species: Octopoid Species Origin: Natural Evolution Important History: None Available. Imskian Package Cost: 23D Reflexes: 3D Coordination: 3D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 3D Know-How Size Manipulation +1D Scholar +2D Perception: 2D Gadgetry +2D Presence: 2DAdvantage: Gifted in Learning +4D Natural Ability: Size Manipulation (Shrinking Only) 4D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Parallel Evolution  Important History: The Imskians were one of the races duped into an alliance with Dominators with during the 20th century. After discovering Earth was not planning an attack on them, they switched sides. At one point in time Imsk had open trade with the Thanagarians. Imskians produce the finest microcircuits and nanites in the galaxy, mostly due to their ability to shrink. Interesting Tidbits: Imskian was one of the base languages for Interlac. Khund Package Cost: 17D Reflexes: 4D Martial Arts +2D Coordination: 3D Pilot +1D Physique: 4D Lifting +1D Knowledge: 2D Tactics +1D Perception: 3D Presence: 2DAdvantages: Lightning Reflexes +4D Disadvantages: Code of Honor -4D Paranoia -2D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Parallel Evolution Important History: The Khunds were a vast interstellar empire in the Vegan system in the 20th century. They had a long standing alliance with the Dominators. In the early 1990s the Khunds assisted in the Dominator invasion of Earth in exchange for control of most of Europe. The Dominator invasion failed. After that point, relations between the two peoples were shaky at best. At some point in time they started a war with their long time rivals The Citadel. The Citadel used extensively powerful biological weapons on the Khunds. It is unknown when these events occurred, but it was at least 200 years after the Imperiex Invasion that ravaged Khundia in late 2001. By the 2990s, the Khundish army became mercenaries for hire, though they have never quite trusted their employers. They also saw United Planets colonization of Xantu, and the admission of Daxam into the United Planet as a direct act of aggression against the Khunds. Naltorian Package Cost: 14D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 3D Perception: 3D Presence: 3DDisadvantage: Naltorians are banned from gambling and investing in the stock market in U. P. territory -2D Natural Ability: ESP 3D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Unknown Important History: Not much is known about the Naltorians until after the Great Disaster. The Naltorians claim to be the descendants of the exiled Zeroxian high seers. The Zeroxians deny this up and down. The only support for the Naltorians claim is that they too are marked with the blood curse of the Dark Lord Mordruu. Interesting Tidbits: The United Planets unanimously voted to ban Naltorians from buying or selling stock, or even acting as stock consultants. Even the Naltorian representative voted for this bill. Somahturian Package Cost: 4D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 2D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DDisadvantage: Dark Secret +4D (Own existence) Natural Ability: Disease 3D (Uncontrollable -2D) Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Presumably Gandian  Important History: Not much is known about the Somahturians. Unlike most other Gandian worlds they claim no heritage to the Daxamite hero Valor. They believe are descendants of humans abducted by The Dominators. The Dominators had planned to return them to Earth to as assassins. They were rescued by Valor. They asked to be placed on a small deserted planet away from all the major space lanes. The Somathurians have quarantined their sector. Starhavenites Package Cost: 48D Reflexes: 3D Coordination: 3D Physique: 3D Knowledge: 3D Navigation +1D Perception: 2D Tracking +2D Presence: 3DAdvantages: Attractive Appearance +2D Acute Senses -10D (All Five) Natural Abilities: Flight (Winged) 5D Sealed System 4D Postcognition (Tracking only) 4D (Drawback: Burnout -2D)* *Due to the unusual specialization of this power, Tracking is used as the managing instead of Know-How Postcognition. Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Second Wave Colony Important History: Following the Great Disaster on Earth, many Native Americans feared having no lands of their where they would not be disturbed. They petitioned the blossoming Earthgov to grant them a few colony ships in order set up a home on a new world. They searched the galaxy for more then a century and found nothing. People on the ship were slowly dying off. They Starhavenites genetically altered their children in order to survive outside the ship and find their planet. Within a decade they settled Starhaven. Interesting Tidbits: In spite Starhavens obvious beauty, the Starhavenites allow very few visitors aside from the United Planets Council. Tharrian Package Cost: 15D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 2D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DNatural Abilities: Energy Projection: Ice 3D Water Manipulation (Ice Only) 4D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Gandian  Important History: Another world supposedly settled by Valor. Tharr is a hostile and extremely hot world with an ice core and an active crust. When the colonists arrived, the crust was in a period of inactivity. It awakened again 50 years later. It is believed that only through the grace of Valor that their powers developed. In truth, Valor had nothing to do with it, but try convincing a typical Tharrian of that. Interesting Tidbits: An old proverb says: Heaven is down and Hell is up. Titanian Package Cost: 13D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 2D Know How Telepathy +1D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DNatural Ability: Telepathy 3D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Second Wave Colony  Important History: The moon of Titan was colonized in the early 22nd century. The first two generations of Titanians showed no significant metagentic abilities amongst the population. A series of small explosions in Saturns rings released energy (possibly from the long forgotten Martian colony of thousands of years past) unlocked the Titanians latent psychic abilities. In the early years these abilities existed only in 10% of the population. By the 23rd century almost all Titianians possessed the powers. Sometime in the 30th century, the Titanians were in a bitter war with the distant planet Brall. Hostilities officially ceased in 2985, when the newly freed Earth stepped in as a peace broker. Within 10 years both planets were founding members of the United Planets. Interesting Tidbits: For obvious reasons, Titan has fewer Brallian migrant workers than any other planet in the galaxy except for Vyrga and Durla. Vyrgan Package Cost: 19D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Running +1D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DAdvantage: Acute Sense (Sight) +2D Disadvantage: Hive Mentality -3D Natural Abilities: Telepathy 3D Supersense Sight 2D Species: Insectoid Species Origin: Natural Evolution Important History: Vrygans are a race of sentient insects. Each Vyrgan is controlled by the hive queen. They are simple workers for the good of queen and hive. While Vyrgans do mate with females other than the queen, it is considering a great honor to be drafted to join the Queens harem. Interesting Tidbits: There are rare cases of Metagenes appearing amongst the Vyrgans. The hive mind tries to close them out. This process awakens Vyrgans own intellect. The queen will take a male Vyrgan meta into the harem if she thinks the particular power would be useful for future generations of drones or the next queen. The typical Vyrgan life span is three years with the oldest recorded drone living to be almost three times that. The typical lifespan of a Queen is about a decade. Winathian Package Cost: 1D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 2D Agriculture +2D Cooking +1D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DDisadvantage: Psychological Dependence on twin -2D* * Almost every life form on Winath has a twin, either identical or fraternal. A Winathians can develop a variety of psychological disadvantages if their twin is killed. If one twin is rendered different in social status, physical well being, or metagenics, the other develops depression. Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Second Wave Colony Important History: Almost every life form on Winath was a twin. The precise reason for this is unknown. Some say it has something to do with some sort of microbe. Twins are either identical or fraternal. If a twin dies, they are given a new soul twin, usually another twinless Winathian. Single births are considered a bad omen. The twinning phenomenon has made Winath the bread basket of the United Planets. Zeroxian Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 3D Arcane Lore +1D Perception: 3D Presence: 3DAdvantage: Contact (Teachers Isle) +4D Natural Ability: Magic Manipulation 3D Species: Humanoid (Homo Magi) Species Origin: Colony World  Teacher Package Upgrade Reflexes: +1D Coordination: +1D Knowledge: +1D Arcane Lore +1D Perception: +1D Presence: +1DAdvantage: Gifted in Learning +4D Disadvantage: Age: Old -9D Power: Magical Manipulation +2D Species: Humanoid (Homo Magi) Species Origin: Colony World  Important History: Untold thousands of years ago, many Homo Magi fled Earth and moved their lands and homes included to the dimension that they dubbed Gemworld. This move slowly awoke the slumbering Dark Lord Mordruu. Some point in the early 21st century, the Gemworldians tried to destroy the Dark Lord. This failed and they were forced to use his one weakness. Mordruu had to be buried. The Zeroxian claim the resulting mystic explosion threw a large portion of Gemworld back into the Earth plane, and created the planet Zerox, also known as The Sorcerers World. It also limited the powers of many of the surviving mages involved. These mages (and their descendants) became known as the High Seers. The High Seers were later exiled. Zwentie Package Cost: 14D Reflexes: 3D Coordination: 3D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 2D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DNatural Abilities: Suspended Animation 4D (Limitation: Cannot be turned off -4D) Matter Manipulation: (Transmutation to stone only) 4D [Linked to suspended animation]  Tromite Package Cost: 16D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 3D Chemistry +1D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DNatural Ability: Matter Manipulation 3D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Parallel Evolution Important History: The Tromites were amongst the peaceful planets in the Galaxy. Tromites were capable of molecular transmutation. They were not partial to visitors and they were not a United Planets member world. However the Tromites did mild trade with various United Planets businesses on occasion particularly Brande Industries and McCauley Enterprises. The Tromites were slaughtered by the Daxamites in 2995; this species should not be used unless your campaign is set before the year 2995, Section Four: Hybrid Rules Throughout DC Comics there a many characters who a hybrids of one or more species. Here is how it works. Firstly, species must be of the same type, with the exception of Durlans who can mate with practically anything. You take one dominant species. You get everything from that package as is. Then you choose your secondary package. Even if the package is ordinarily free, it cannot cost less than +1D. You calculate the cost of skill increases and advantages. If an advantage with only one level is in both packages, then the cost is either subtracted from the characters total die pool, or can be used to purchase the genetic quirk advantage (see below). If the species has any Natural Abilities, you calculate the price of the power at half powers die code (rounded down). This will calculate the cost of your initial hybrid package. (For example, if you were going for a Coluan/Winathian hybrid, the telepathy would be at 1D instead of3D.) In this example a Coluan is the dominant species: Coluan Package Cost: 25D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 3D [6D] Gadgetry +1D Medicine +1D Science +1D (Specialization +1D) (specialization +1D) Perception: 3D [6D] Search +1D Invent +1D Engineering +1D Presence: 2DAdvantage: Gifted in Learning +4D Disadvantages: Compulsive Behavior (Researching) -2D Intolerance: Artificial Lifeforms -4D Hides Emotions -2D Natural Abilities: Superattribute Knowledge 3D Superattribute Perception 3D Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Parallel Evolution  The secondary part of the hybrid is Winathian. Winathian Package Cost: 1D Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 2D Agriculture +2D Cooking +1D Perception: 2D Presence: 2DDisadvantage: Psychological Dependence on twin -2D* * Almost every life form on Winath has a twin, either identical or fraternal. A Winathians can develop a variety of psychological disadvantages if their twin is killed. If one twin is rendered different in social status, physical well being, or metagenics, the other develops depression. Species: Humanoid Species Origin: Second Wave Colony The full hybrid character, presented below, costs 23D. Reflexes: 2D Coordination: 2D Physique: 2D Knowledge: 3D Gadgetry +1d Medicine +1d Science +1d (Specialization +1D) (Specialization +1D) Agriculture +2d Cooking +1d Perception: 3D [6D] Search +1d Presence: 2D Advantage: Gifted in Learning [+4D] Disadvantages: Compulsive Behavior (Researching) -2D, Intolerance [-4D] (Artificial Lifeforms) Hides Emotions [-2D]Psychological Dependence on Twin -2D* * (Almost every life form on Winath has a twin either identical or fraternal. A Winathians can develop a variety of psychological disadvantages if their twin is killed. If one twin is rendered different in social status, physical well being, or metagenics they develop depression) New Advantages Physical Dual Dominance (Variable): This advantage is for those hybrid packages where the stats of the Dominant species are lower than that of the secondary species. You may purchase 1D at half the cost. If the base stat level of the secondary species exceeds a 1D difference, all dice after that must be paid for at full cost. You may not purchase stats higher than the base line of the secondary species with this package. Powers Dual Dominance (Variable):This advantage works like stats dual dominance, only for powers. You may purchase 2D in any power at half the cost. If the level of the typical member of that species exceeds the 2D difference, all dice after that must be paid for at full cost. You may not purchase the power any higher than the baseline member of the secondary species. Genetic Quirk (Variable: Usually Cumulative): This advantage indicates that the combination of the two species has exceeded the sum of its parts. This usually affects the performance of powers. Use the power increase rules under other rule options. The advantage must be bought separately for each power enhanced. Occasionally new powers have been known to develop as a result of hybridization. This was the case with Superboy. (See JLA and Metropolis sourcebooks.)Since certain advantages dont stack, some species hybridization give the player the option of taking this advantage automatically. Example, if a Coluan hybrids with an Imskian, another species with the gifted in learning advantage, then he does not get the advantage at +8D. That 4D is either returned to the dice pool, or it can be put into an extra die in the Imskian Size Manipulation or either of the Coluan Superattributes.   #@PQabiuz  8 R Y & ) 8 ; L O [ \ ]  " v w ۸ۯۨ⢚ۯۆ|ۆu hjihohjihR5CJ hjihzhbVhbV5 hf5h ?hf5 h[0J hjihjhjihR0JhjihRH*hjihR5CJ hjih[5CJ hjih} hjihR hjih[hjihz5;CJ$hjihR5CJ$.#PQb \ ] r t  " 67prB & F hgd^ hgd^~ :;Tcde7`d;<?@EGv|~@ADS6Dbc,QiǽhjihRCJaJ hjihO hjihhjihR0JhjihR0JhjihR6\hjihR6 hjih[ p hjihmE hjih[ hjihRhjihz5CJhjihR5CJ8BDS,RRS"!#!"""5"{"}" & F hgd^ hgd^lp|/A4QRS"!#!"$"%"5"J"N"}"""ɹɲɹɹɣɹɹɣɣɣəɇ}hjihW_5CJ hjihx\5hjihK5CJ hjihR5CJ hjihKhjihmE6 hjihmE hjihO hjihR0J hjihRhjihCJaJhjihRCJaJhjihc0JCJaJhjihR0JCJaJ/}""""""##(#@#N#]#n#####%$&$U$V$l${$$$$$$$ h$Ifgd^"""""""#####(#8#@#H#N#U#]#h#n#z#######%$&$5$V$]$l$x$y${$~$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ %%'%%%%%;&J&{&&&&'ٸhjihiP5hjihW_0JhjihW_0J5 hjihiP hjih1T hjihW_hjihW_5hjih}5hjih}CJ hjih}C$$%%'%l%%%%%%%%%%%+&9&;&J& & F h$Ifgd^ & F h$Ifgd^ & F h$Ifgd^ h$Ifgd^ & F h$Ifgd^J&b&q&y&{&&&&&&& ''5' & F 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`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`OJQJo(hHw^`CJOJQJaJo(hHpp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHh^`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`CJOJQJaJo(hHpp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHh^`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHh^`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHh^`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHh^`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHh^`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHh^`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHh^`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHh^`CJOJQJaJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHhh^h`CJOJQJaJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHopp^p`OJQJo(hH@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHo^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJo(hH^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoPP^P`OJQJo(hHV\&+&s2}\N)foB`jWE~ mc0)WCHD08Z}X\40TFpP0ihy:0k*-~AT0P~b< 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