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New GURPS Stuff

The following is a short list of things we've created for GURPS -- some advantages, a skill, and a disadvantage.



Artistic Ability (2 points/level)

A person with this advantage is a natural artist. This advantage grants a bonus identical to the one granted by the Musical Ability advantage, which applies to the Artist, Calligraphy, Photography, and Sculpting skills.

McGuyver (25 points)

A person with this advantage gets a +2 bonus to all Scientific skills, and the Mechanic skill, but only for the purpose of creating inventions and gadgets (any sort of gadget; not necessarily those created on the fly using materials like old string, chewing gun, and a used diaper). It also grants a +1 bonus to those same skills to fix said items. If you don’t have the skill, this doesn’t raise the default.

Perfect Pitch (4 points)

This advantage grants two levels of Musical Ability and one level of acute hearing, for the purposes of hearing details in something that is being listened to, such as a recording of music, not in listening for sounds. Having this advantage makes it uncomfortable and unpleasant for the person to listen to music that is less than perfect (i.e., a performance that fails, or succeeds by less than 5).


Secret Dependant (additional 4 points to regular disadvantage)

A Secret Dependant is usually some sort of supernatural or paranormal being who, unbeknownst to the PC, attaches itself to or befriends the PC, and swipes psi energy, mana, food, money, items, etc. The more powerful the entity, the more it takes. Although it’s not necessarily malicious or evil, it’s could be considered to be basically a "roommate from hell" or a hidden dreamsprite of sorts that feeds off the PC. If the PC is a psi or a mage, they may find that their powers backfire more often than they should, due to the Dependant’s mooching (which is based on the frequency of the dependant). Otherwise, the PC requires more sleep, food, etc. than he or she normally would. The being itself may or may not be known to the PC, but its status as a secret dependant should remain a secret. This is a disad that the GM should give out (say, if he makes the character, either for use as a PC or NPC, or the player decides to take a secret disadvantage, or something like that) rather than something the PC chooses during creation.

It should probably be noted that this disadvantage was originally created for use in a GURPS IOU campaign.


Conducting (M/H Artistic Skill)

With this skill, the PC can lead a band or orchestra. The bonus granted by the Musical Ability advantage applies.


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